For our future partners we offer an opportunity which will grant them a huge advantage among other businesses involved in the field of entertainment and organizing team building events. The live escape game business is a new dimension of entertainment, which is dynamically spreading all over the world. Trap disposes over 7 different type of fixed and  two types of mobile escape games, but we are  open for  building any combination of our puzzles based on your demands as well. Such a wide-ranging variety of games, is nowhere else to find in the whole world. We have several years of experience in operating both the fixed and the mobile games.

The biggest advantages of our offer are:

  • high profit potential
  • low investment costs
  • short ROI period
  • low running costs
  • diverse ways of utilization (specially regarding the mobile games)
  • full support
  • turn key operation if needed

regarding the mobile version, you can get started right after the purchase is completed (we manufacture and ship the games for you).


How to become a franchise partner?

Get in contact with us

After having reviewed our website and decided to give it a try, send us an e-mail. We will come back to you within 24 hours.

The Franchise Agreement

If we can agree on the main points, we will send you the draft of the franchise agreement. You can review it, and comments and remarks to it. In this stage the details of our future cooperation will be negotiated and put into a final form. The franchise agreement is bilingual, English and Hungarian.


Reaching a final version of the franchise agreement is the hardest issue, but once we have it, the signing will be just a formality. We really would like to meet you at least once before the signing, but if this is not an option, you can sign the agreement in your home town in front of a notary public, as so will we here in Hungary.

Building stage

Once we have a signed agreement, and the franchise fee is paid in accordance with the conditions of the franchise agreement, we will send you the following materials:
– layout of the purchased games, prepared in autocad software
– electrical circuit plans of the purchased games
– tutorial video of the purchased gamesBased upon these documents, you will be able to build your own place. But in case you need our assistance, we will be there to help you and answer any question you might have (this obligations of ours is declared in the franchise agreement). We even undertake to prepare a proper layout for your property if you wish so, and we can agree on the cost.

Turn-key or partial building operation

In case you do not have the time or the needed man for the building, we can build the place for you from the beginning until you can put the open sign on the door. The price and the time depends on the number of the games you have bought, the property you rented, and the distance between your city and Budapest. We can also split the works, so only a part of it has to be done by you and the rest by us.
We reserve the right not to perform turn-key or partial building operation in case your city is outside the EU.
Please note that such a construction can begin only after signing a contracting agreement.
We have experience in building our games outside of Budapest.

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