The concept of Mobile trap 12 has come from the experience our company has collected since 2012 with the design and construction of real life escape rooms.

The mobile version has elements of logic, creativity, common sense, general knowledge and tons of fun just like the fixed rooms with the difference that can be played by 10-50 people at the same time, reason why is the perfect choice for team building activities, university and high school events or even holiday resorts to entertain guests in a different way. Thanks to the versatility of the boxes can be set anywhere indoor as well as outdoor with a minimum requirement of 60 sqm free area.

Each box (station) contains 3-5 puzzles which can be solved around 5-10 minutes.

Groups of 2 to 5 race against each other in order to finish as many station as they can in any order they choose. 

The puzzles are rated by points based on the difficulty level of them, hence not only being sharp in mind is important , good strategy helps a lot too.

At the end, the team that has collected the most points wins the game.