The newest and most modern TRAP game on the market.

Anachronistica was inspired by our unquenchable thirst for new and highly advanced ways of quality entertainment.

Set in an alternative universe, in the 1900’s, a famous scientist was developing a way to travel in space and time, but during his latest experiments something went wrong.

Time is unpredictably skipping forward, quicker and quicker… The days of humanity are numbered.

It’s up to you to figure out how to restore balance and prevent certain doom.


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There once lived a pharaoh that named himself Hor after the falcon gods. Hor was very proud of his witty clever intellect. In 25 years and  at the cost of thousands of slave lives he built a Pyramid of Doom which he invited all the lands monarchs to test themselves by making it out alive of the pyramid before starving to death.The monarch that makes it out alive will then be the ruler of all of Egypt. Szerfi, a traders son hearing of this challenge dressed up as a king and attempted the pharaoh’s challenge first. Szerfi made it out of the pyramid in three days but finding out of the fraud Hor sentence the traders son to death. When the falcon gods saw this, they punished the pharaoh by striking him with lightning that permanently left a look of froth on his face. Anyone who enters the pyramid will suffer the pharaoh’s faith and pay with their lives if they can not conquer the Pyramid of Doom.

Are you brave enough to take on the pharaoh’s challenge.
You are about to enter a place, where a man lived for a few weeks manufacturing a bomb to blow up the Bank. His only purpose in his life is to take revenge on the system that made him lost  his house and money ,just because he did not read the fine print in the contract he signed with a bank. His vengeance proved to be successful in two cities already, your job is to find the new bomb, disarm it, and get out of the this hidden spot .



Our planet is under a threat by a huge asteroid which plunging towards Earth with a tremendous force…Scientist calculated the collision course a couple of days before and made some preparations: The plan is to hit the asteroid with a racket so it will change its original course and will shoot away from Earth. Unfortunately most of their launching site has been destroyed by the meteor shower which accompanied the asteroid and it’s already caused havoc on Earth.
This is the nest of a secret agent, who’s investigating about four suspicious agents. He already realised complete files about each of them, but is not able to find the mystery hidden between the lines. The undercover agent has just left his nest for one hour, time at your disposal to solve this challenging case. You’ve got to be quick and efficient, and do this before being identified.
Your mission consists of getting through the several security codes, finding out what is the final secret, then using this data to find the way out of the nest! Be careful! – as time is limited, no mistakes are allowed! Team-work and genuisity are the clues for success!

Secret Agent

You are part of an adventurous backpackers group travelling through South America and now you are about to enter in the Amazon rainforest. The guide was leading the group down the river to discover a hidden tribe but disaster struck when he lost control of the raft as it neared a huge waterfall. Somehow your friends and you scrambled to shore unconscious but the guide was thrown over the waterfall.
After waking up, you realize you are in the middle of the jungle only with your friends and without a guide to take you back.



A wizard sent by god from the east arrived in king Arthur’s courtyard with the message that every knight must test their brain to prove that he and she is capable of serving your majesty. With the help of his blind masters, the wizard built his test course under the castle in a dungeon. The knights that are incapable of solving the tasks are ordered to remove their knight privileges, give up their position and leave the courtyard. Are you worthy of being one of king Arthur’s selected knights?


Brent Chadwick has a rough childhood. He grew up in the shadow of his mother  Lucille, who was the founder of the „Church of the untemptables” (COTU). The COTU was  a christian-fundamental church in the eighties which preached: “Resist all temptaions, but if you aren’t able to resist, you still have chance to salvation, if you punish yourselves equal to the sin you have done.”So not wonder that he went crazy and after his mother had died he moved to a hidden   basement, where you are about to enter now.Because of  his persecution mania  this weird, spooky place  is full of traps.  The only way to escape here, is finding the urn of Lucille s ash ,which tells you  the number for the exit .If you fail and still here after an hour,Brent arravies home and i would not be in your shoes.Good luck!