Trap’s Parents

Zoltán (Z) Kovács – Founder and CEO

Zoltán came up with the whole idea of creating TRAP at the early 2010’s and by 2012 it became a reality. Starting with only the bare basics, some years later his idea became a world-wide success. He now manages key operations between the local shops and franchise partners.

Nataly Garzón Molina – Chief Interior Designer

Nataly has been part of the foundation of TRAP itself. She creates new ideas for the escape rooms and decides where to install each individual game, then converts these ideas into digital 3-Dimensional floor plans using professional interior design software.

Alpár Tóth – Franchise Manager

Alpár has been with the company since the beggining. His job is to ensure seamless connection between us and our international franchise partners all over the globe. He is also responsible for any contract regarding TRAP.

Péter Kovács Zemlényi, – Art Director and Designer

Péter has also took part in laying the foundation of the first games. He is responsible for the decorations of the rooms, the design of the clues and instructions. His steady work makes our games desirable for all of our customers and partners.

Endre Temcsák – Chief Engineer, Master Carpenter

As a third party Endre and his team builds most of our games. They cooperate with Zoltán and Nataly to convert the ideas into the best possible designs. They also execute builds, working fast and efficient with professional tools and a  workshop. Their main focus is to engineer flawless puzzles and mechanics for our and our partner’s; rooms.

György Vida – Chief of Paulay Street Location, Creative

Has been part of the company since late 2016, he’s now reponsible for the operation of one of our shops in Budapest. Regulates the game masters’; job and cooperates with Bertalan in local operations, marketing strategies etc.

Bertalan Lőrincz – Chief of Maria Street Location, Head Game Master

Joined the company in 2015 as a game master, now he’s managing one of our shops in Budapest and trains new employees. He takes care of minor local operations, bookings etc. Constantly cooperates with György to ensure proper work flow.


was founded in 2012 as one of the first escape games of Budapest. Soon after we overcame the first obstacles – which were mainly due to the fact that we wanted to introduce a whole new market to the entertainment business – the interest for the game rose very quickly. The increased demand resulted in the opening of three more games. Thanks to our first place on Tripadvisor, more and more foreign people were amongst our customers, who saw an opportunity in this business venture, and asked for our assistance in establishing a similar place in their home town. The year was 2013 when our company’s franchise career has started. Since then we managed to open escape games in more than 15 cities, either in a franchise or in a so called licensing form. Lot of things have changed, but our desire for high quality games and constant innovation is still the same. The escape games of Trap are unique with regards to the development and the building, which means that you can not purchase our puzzles in any store, they are specially made by our team of carpenters and electricians, who are working exclusively for us for the past three years. More over we were the one to build the first escape game without any padlock at all. Based on our experience in operating an escape game, we focus also on the durability of the puzzles, because we know how important this is, when 6-8 teams use the puzzles on a daily bases. The other advantage of having a unique game is the preservation of the know how, and creating a barrier for copying the game. For all these reasons, the cost of building of our games are higher than the usual franchise offers, but in a long term it is worth it.

Trap Escape Game Worldwide