We’ve paid a little visit to our workshop the other day where Endre Takács with his team of carpenters and electricians make most of our props and puzzles.

When we arrived they were already hard at work so it was quite a challenge  to capture their daily moments on camera.

Professional carpentry is where it begins,

but of course for all this to work out properly you must have solid plans.

After cutting all the parts and giving them shape they also add the bigger, more important details.

At this point the electronics, wires and switches are set in place too.

This time the portable “TRAP Mobile” boxes were in spotlight, but you could also find some props for other fixed games.

Lecterns, sarcophagi and even control stations for guided missiles were also being made.

Organizing everything plays a huge part in their work so we’ve also checked out the storage room.

Putting everything in neat piles, labeling them… The amount of effort taken into these seemingly less important things makes your head spin. But as one of the guys said: “It’s all worth it in the end.”