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Isaac Reed - Cambridge

” The Trap franchise sysem has been a very lucrative and exciting business to be part of. It has made all of my financial and personal goals a reality, while at same time, I enjoy a quality lifestyle. ”

Ahmed El- Astal - Kuwait

” No hidden costs, no surprises! We received what we agreed on, no small print in their deals. ”

Camilla Rodrigez - Bogotá/Medellin

” Despite th long distance between Bogota and Budapest, communication runs smoothly at all times with the Trap Team. They always react to our questions in a timely manner, provide us with the right informaion at the right time and make sure that all difficulties solved ease ”

Hyung Soo Kim - Korea

” I have opened 6 sub-franchises in my country – I can only recommend the TRAP Team ”

Escape rooms, in the modern sense, were born in 2012.

This was the time when such a game first opened in Budapest. Encouraged by its success, a growing number of enthusiastic young people started opening their own rooms, since the costs were relatively low, yet the profits were quite promising.

This was the beginning of the boom. Within one year, 40 new service providers entered the market in Budapest only. Unfortunately, the combination of small investment – big profit was obviously visible in the quality of the games: at many of these game providers, the main attractions were keys hidden under the sofa. Which is equally underwhelming as puzzles written on a piece of scrap paper.

In 2014, however, the trend began to change. Some providers started to pay attention to the creativity of the games and custom solutions with an emphasis on the decoration. This was the second generation of live escape rooms. In other words, a new beginning.

The audience reacted immediately and these new generation of games soon became very popular. They offered a much higher quality entertainment for the same price.

The aforementioned low-budget companies and solutions, built from a couple of thousands of Euros, disappeared from the scene – those who had no money for development, shut down. Since 2015 further changes are in progress. More and more sophisticated innovations are being born, in line with customer needs: not only the name of the rooms but their whole structure is thematic now.

Also Mobile games showed up which have the capacity to be played by 50+ people.

Based on the experience of the past 3 years, we believe the same changes and tendencies will be taking place abroad as the ones already happening in Hungary.


What does it mean in terms of franchise?


It’s worth reassessing the market participants who offer a 20-30 room portfolio but, in reality, their games only exist on paper. Certainly, these figures look great on a website.But how will these low budget games face the competition in the long run?

They’ll stand against constantly evolving, innovative and real entertainment.

We, at TRAP, believe that an integral part of the flow experience is to create such an environment for players that is completely different from anything in their usual everyday life. We have no doubt that the “we send you a game description and a list of what to buy in IKEA” way of thinking is simply not working. This kind of business strategy only works in the short run.

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